Liberal and Conservative views of anti-racism (Part 1)

Liberal and Conservative views of anti-racism (Part 1)

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This just a sketch but the thesis can easily be substantiated. Liberal and conservative views of anti-racism are based on an incorrect understanding of hate and hate group ideology. Liberals and conservatives view racism and hate group activity as stemming from ignorance and fear of the other. The other in this discourse are those of different skin colour, religion, etc., This framework totally fails to grasp the origins of modern hate groups in early fascist movements in which the other is not only constructed in terms of obvious differences like skin colour, but also in terms of politics, trade union activity, ability, gender, etc.. Even a cursory read of the bible of much of the modern hate group movement, the Turner Diaries, shows a movement ready and very willing to target everyone as the other, particularly those who disagree about the structure of society. Christian militias want to return to a Jeffersonian myth in which they, the true believers, return to a five acre plot, where schooling is at home and where women, give birth, teach the children, cook and clean. Everyone who departs from that myth about the past, does not deserve to live. Thus, hate groups are not just against people of different skin colour, immigrants, Jews, etc., they are against everyone who is not a neighbour and who does not believe the same and who does not follow their version of reality.

The failure of liberal and conservative views of hate groups stems from a failure to fully grasp their nature. This failure results in a distorted politics of anti-racism where the only line of demarcation is between white and black (so to speak), men and women. The liberal and conservative views, therefore, are not rooted in the analysis of class in modern industrial capitalism. The following will begin to explore this hypothesis.

Liberal and Conservative views of anti-racism and hate

The Liberal and Conservative view of racism is that it is the result of simple misunderstanding, ignorance or stupidity. Racism is thus simply learned or unlearned behaviour. Liberals and Conservatives look no deeper than the literal word of racists and hate groups to launch their analysis. They see hate groups as counter-hegemonic or counter-minority group claims to equality. For example,

"...Roscigno’s point is well taken: counterhegemonic threats to the
established racial and gendered order consistently are met with counter-
mobilization on the part of the traditionally dominant groups(s). Extremist
hate groups are explicitly organized to neutralize the threat—and
occasionally the physical presence—represented by minority groups such as
people of color, women, and gay men and women. Many, like the Church
of Jesus Christ in Israel, are fully prepared for a Racial Holy War
(RAHOWA) that would “return power to the white race” (Charles Scott,
cited in “Merchants of Hate,” online)." (In the Name of Hate; 45)

This view has profound implications for anti-racist theory and strategy. What Liberals and Conservatives fail to see is that modern hate groups are fascistic in character just like the earlier fascist groups that spawned them. Hate groups therefore do not just want to turn back the clock on gender, sexual orientation, and so-called "race- relations", but want to impose a totalitarian regime on everyone. The notorious Turner Diaries is very explicit on this point. It makes no matter if you are white, straight, and male, you will be under the control of an undemocratic elite or dead. If you are communist, then your are dead, If you want to organize a union, you are dead. Therefore, hate groups are not just simply opposed to liberal changes or global economics, they want to institute fascist state control over every aspect of everyone's life. This understanding changes how we see fascism and modern hate groups and how we mobilize against them.

However, there is more wrong with the Liberal and Conservative view of racism and hate