white supremacist rally in Charlottesville turned violent

The world is in shock after a white supremacist rally in Charlottesville turned violent, ending with a terrorist attack that killed one anti-racist protester, and injured almost 20 others. [1]

Faith Goldy, a contributor to the Canadian far-right website Rebel Media, was broadcasting live from Charlottesville and caught the attack on tape. Moments before, she had been on camera mocking the anti-racist protestors, rationalizing the white supremacist rally and making the case that the white supremacists were being treated unfairly by police and the media. [2]

Conservative Party Leader Andrew Scheer has disturbing connections to this far-right website. He hired a Rebel Media Director, Hamish Marshall, to manage his campaign for party leader. And after Scheer won the leadership, he gave the white supremacist website a one-on-one interview. [3]

After Charlottesville, we all need to take responsibility for denouncing acts of white supremacy, regardless of our political ideology. A massive public outcry could force Scheer to publicly denounce Rebel Media and show that white supremacist ideas aren’t welcome in Canada.

Call on Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer to take a stand against white supremacy by immediately cutting ties with Rebel Media.

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The violence in Charlottesville didn’t come out of nowhere. For years, far-right websites like Beitbart and now Rebel Media have been stoking the flames of hate and white supremacy in dark corners of the internet.

The election of a U.S. President who legitimizes and amplifies their dangerous white supremacist ideas, has emboldened the extreme right to bring their violent ideas out of the shadows and into the streets.

It’s a cautionary tale about the risks of politicians endorsing the views of far-right white supremacist websites.

Rebel Media is “Canada’s Breitbart”, bringing the same ugly ideas home to Canada. They’ve published tirades against Jews, organized anti-Islam rallies, and warned of “white genocide” in Canada. [4-5]

Rebel Media is tapping into currents of white supremacy that permeate Canada’s history and institutions. From the early colonists who used smallpox blankets to kill thousands of Indigenous peoples, to the internment of Japanese-Canadians in world war two and a residential school system designed to destroy Indigenous culture, Canada’s history is riddled with racist policies. Racial profiling and ‘carding’ by police, and the ongoing water crisis on First Nations reserves are just two examples that show that the fight to eradicate white supremacy from Canada’s institutions is far from over.

Challenging Andrew Scheer’s connection to Rebel Media’s hateful website is a concrete action we can take today to confront white supremacy in Canada.

The support of Conservative Party Leader Andrew Scheer could give Rebel Media political legitimacy to bring their dangerous ideas into the mainstream -- just like Trump’s support for Breitbart emboldened white supremacists to come out into the open.

After their racist coverage of the Charlottesville protests, conservative politicians are starting to speak out against Rebel Media. And just today, one of the site’s co-founders announced he is leaving the organization due to their increasing association with white supremacy.[7] A huge petition could create the pressure and media attention needed to also convince Scheer to distance himself from Rebel Media. [8]

Will you sign the petition urging Conservative Party Leader Andrew Scheer to cut all ties with Rebel Media?

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It’s tempting to hope that if we ignore Rebel Media, they might wither away. But thanks to social media, they are growing steadily, and now they have connections to the leader of the Conservative Party. We can’t afford to ignore them any longer.

If we can convince Conservative Party Leader Andrew Scheer to cut ties with Rebel Media, it will undermine their legitimacy and keep their hateful ideas out of the mainstream. Will you add your name to the petition now?


We’re in this together,
Jolan and Logan, on behalf of the entire Leadnow.ca team


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